American Metal Fabricators was founded by James D'Ambrosio, with one small Father's Day gift for his father and that's what got the metal art ball rolling. He never had any metal work or welding experience before his first project. A friend of his gave him a 5 minute MIG welding lesson and that's what got him hooked. Initially, it was just a small project for leisure/practice but then it turned more into an obsession. Wanting to learn more welding techniques, metal fabrication, wood working, epoxy work, and now 3D printing. All the knowledge gained from this craft was self taught through tons of trial and error.

We're always looking for the next challenge and never afraid to try something new. Always trying to go above and beyond to please our clients. Check out the images below for some of the work that we've done! Don't forget to follow us on instagram @americanmetalfabricators.

For any inquiries feel free send us a message in the contact section and we'll respond as soon as we can.

If located in the NYC area and need some metal work done also check the contact page and send us a message!

  • Cigar Ashtray (What got this all started)

  • Eagle, Globe, Anchore (EGA)

  • Forever Roses set in Epoxy

  • Couple on a Swing

  • Swordfish Weathervane

  • Fisherman

  • F1 Car

  • Bullet American Flag

  • Mermaid

  • Bullet Pens

  • Golden Tommy Gun Replica

  • Great White Weathervane